The quicker we diagnose your pet, the quicker we can treat them! Schedule a diagnostic consultation for your pet today!


Quicker diagnosis leads to quicker treatment. When your pet isn’t feeling their best, we’re able to call upon the information we gather from your pet’s annual visits and figure out what’s “off” from the baseline we’ve built for their health. Once we can determine the issue, our diagnostic team gets right to work!

In-House Laboratory For Pet Diagnostics

We’re equipped with an in-house laboratory which can screen your pet’s blood for diseases or issues with immediate results as you wait. We can also obtain urine samples for urinalysis and culture, tapping growths and masses for cytology analysis, obtaining joint fluid samples etc., all of which may be needed for diagnostic evaluation of certain health issues. Please note that we may opt to send samples to our referral lab for more extensive testing. We also over digital radiography (x-rays) to evaluate your pets internal organs. This technology helps us see the unseen when no physical problems are outwardly present. We also utilize an ultrasound when necessary, which allows for a safe and effective way to “see” into a pet’s body.

No matter the diagnosis, our team will work diligently to make sure that we properly diagnose your pet’s ailment, and provide you with all of the treatment options available.

Pet Diagnostic Services Near You

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