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Veterinary Diagnostic Services at Lake Forest Animal Clinic

When you have health concerns about your pet, you want to address the problem as quickly as possible. A key factor in determining the cause of your pet's symptoms starts with an accurate history and a thorough physical exam performed by our experienced veterinarians in Lake Forest. Then appropriate diagnostic tools are selected to help determine the reason for your pet's behavior or health changes. This leads to the creation of a treatment plan designed specifically for your individual pet.

veterinarian looking at x-rays in Lake Forest

Available Diagnostic Tools

Once a physical exam has been performed and the clinical symptoms have been assessed, a wide variety of state of the art diagnostic tools and tests are analyzed to come up with a diagnostic plan, all designed to determine the cause of each pets individual health concerns. At our animal hospital our veterinary services focus on accurate diagnosis and we have an in-house laboratory which can screen your pets blood for a multitude of diseases with virtual immediate results, all while you wait.

We may opt to send in samples to our reference lab for more extensive testing. Digital radiography ( X-rays) allows us to evaluate your pets internal organs and ultrasound allows for a safe and effective way to " see" into a pets body. There are also many diagnostic procedures which can be performed such as obtaining urine for urinalysis and culture, tapping growths and masses for cytology analysis, obtaining joint fluid samples etc., all of which may be needed for diagnostic evaluation of a certain health issues.

What to Expect at Lake Forest Animal Clinic

Your veterinarian will recommend which diagnostic test to begin with. Depending on the test results, many times medication can then be tried. Certain pets will require further more extensive diagnostic testing. If a pet is severely ill you and your veterinarian may decide to start several diagnostic tests at the same time to get results promptly in order to initiate a treatment plan quickly.

For more information about the diagnostic tools our Lake Forest veterinarians use to identify a health condition or for an appointment, contact us today.

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