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Three Reasons Why a Yearly Exam is a Must for Pet Wellness

A loving and responsible pet owner knows that a pet is not just an animal. Our pets are companions, confidants, best friends, and family members, and always there when we need them. Such devotion deserves the highest level of care to keep them at your side for as long as possible. We know that we should schedule a yearly check-up with our own doctors so shouldn't your pet have one too?

male veterinarian giving an annual pet exam

Why Schedule an Annual Wellness Exam at Lake Forest Animal Clinic

Here are three good reasons to schedule an annual pet wellness exam at Lake Forest animal clinic:

  1. Catch problems early. Just like with people, getting a check-up for your pet friend can help alert you to any issues. During a pet wellness visit, the veterinarian may notice signs of problems, such as a fever, fleas, heart murmur, or dental disease, which you may have overlooked. Our veterinarian can also alert you to problems specific to your town or region, such as an increase in Lyme disease or feline leukemia.

  2. Get a certificate if you take your pet on vacation. Many states require travelers to carry a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection from an accredited veterinarian or animal hospital if they travel with their pet. This document verifies that your pet is healthy and has no signs of disease that could be spread to humans or other animals. Many airlines require such a certificate when travelers fly with their pets. Even if you don't need a certificate, it is a good idea to get your pet checked out before and after the trip, just to make sure he or she didn't bring home an unwanted souvenir!

  3. Get to know the vet. Even if your furry friend is in perfect health, an annual pet wellness exam can help you stay connected with our veterinarian's office. You will be more familiar with the vets and their staff, and they will get to know you and your pet. This will help encourage trust among you, your pet, and the vet. They can also suggest changes to your pet's diet or care, or remind you about necessary vaccines.

Your pets can't always let you know when they aren't feeling like their usual selves. An annual check-up can help you better understand your pet's health and what you can do to give them the best, longest life possible.

Contact Our Lake Forest Veterinarians Today!

Whether your family member barks or meows schedule an annual wellness exam with our team at Lake Forest Animal Clinic today! We are a full service animal hospital, serving South Orange County in Southern California. Our veterinary services for dogs and cats include wellness exams, an in-house diagnostic lab, digital x-rays, surgeries, and an in-house pharmacy.

Our full-service facility, open Monday through Saturday, can accommodate your schedule with same-day appointments, early drop-offs, or late pick-ups. To see our veterinarian, contact our Lake Forest veterinarians today at 949-837-766!

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