Pet grooming makes your furry friend clean, happy, and healthy. Make an appointment with our professional pet groomer today for a happier pet!


A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet

Alma Puvogel is an award-winning Pet Groomer, specializing in hand-scissoring and hand-thinning. Grooming with Alma includes a full bath, nail trim, ear plucking (if necessary), and a haircut.

Alma graduated with 900 hours as a Pet Grooming Technician, specializing in hand scissoring, hand thinning, and hand stripping, on Nov. 9, 1984, at Valley Vocational School. She was educated and mentored by Marcia Hill and completed and qualified as a Companion Animal Hygienist on October 28, 1990. Alma has also completed CPR training for pets.

Alma takes appointments Monday and Tuesday. Call us at 949-837-7660 to schedule an appointment.

In order to make a pet grooming appointment, a yearly current exam with one of our doctors is required.


Lake Forest Animal Clinic is committed to keeping your pet happy and healthy in all ways. That’s why Lake Forest Animal Clinic offers professional pet grooming services by Alma. We want to make your pet look great, but there are also many health aspects a professional groomer adds to a “bath and brush” for your dog or cat. Our pet groomer works hand in hand with our veterinarians and we feel that the grooming service plays an important role in our pet wellness care program. A clean pet is a healthy pet. Having your pet groomed can help prevent skin disease, fleas, ticks, and irritations. Hair that is matted can pull and cause skin lesions on your pet. Pets with longer hair also need special attention paid to their eyes, ears and anal region.

The groomer checks your pet’s body for signs of any potential problems. Your pet’s ears are inspected to look for dirt and overgrown hair that can block the ear canal and lead to infection. We look at your pet’s paws to see if there are cuts or punctures that require attention. Before bathing, we look closely at your pet’s skin for signs of fleas, parasites, mites or infection. Our professional groomer notes any type of lumps, rashes, skin lesions or skin discoloration which may be early signs of illness. If we notice anything unusual which requires additional medical attention, our groomer is able to alert a veterinarian at our pet hospital for further evaluation. Our Lake Forest Animal Clinic’s doctors work with the grooming staff to help them make pet care decisions based on their observations. If a skin condition has been noticed, we may use a medicated shampoo to reduce irritation or a flea shampoo to remove the pests.

Pet Grooming Services Near You

For more information on our grooming services, or to schedule your pet’s appointment, call us at 949-837-7660.