Pet grooming makes your furry friend clean, happy, and healthy. Make an appointment with our professional pet groomer today for a happier pet!


A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet

Lake Forest Animal Clinic is committed to keeping your pet happy and healthy in all ways. That’s why Lake Forest Animal Clinic offers routine grooming & bathing services.

Appointments are available Monday and Tuesday. Call us at 949-837-7660 to schedule an appointment.

Services Offered:

  • Bathing
  • Nail Trims
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Sanitary Shaving
  • Hand Dry & Brush Out

In order to make a pet grooming appointment, a yearly current exam with one of our doctors is required and vaccinations must be current.

The bather checks your pet’s body for signs of any potential problems. Your pet’s ears are inspected to look for dirt and overgrown hair that can block the ear canal and lead to infection. We look at your pet’s paws to see if there are cuts or punctures that require attention. Before bathing, we look closely at your
pet’s skin for signs of fleas, parasites, mites, or infection. Our bather is able to alert our medical staff of concerns. We will contact you and offer a veterinarian exam at our hospital for further evaluation of concern(s).

For more information on our grooming services, or to schedule your pet’s appointment, call us at 949-837-7660.