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Pet Health Issues Seen By Our Veterinarians at Lake Forest Animal Clinic

Our veterinarians at Lake Forest Animal Clinic are dedicated to being your premier source for expert veterinary services as well as important pet wellness information. This section of our website can provide an overview and helpful informational source regarding some of the most common pet health issues, questions and concerns that can come up for pet owners.

cat with veterinarian in lake forest

Common Pet Questions

From what foods are safest for your pet to queries about pet behavior and habits, this section is a resource for some of the most common questions we hear from pet owners. Get answers to your animal-related questions so that you can take appropriate action and have peace of mind that you are doing the very best you can for your pet.

Common Health Concerns

Learn how to handle some of the most common health issues that pets can encounter throughout their lives. From digestive issues to allergies to parasites and even what to do if your pet is ever sprayed by a skunk, Lake Forest Animal Clinic can help you to navigate any health issue that comes up in your pet’s life.

How Our Veterinarians Can Help

Our veterinarians at Lake Forest Animal Clinic offer a wide range of veterinary services to ensure continued pet wellness and quality of life. Some issues we address are:  arthritis, bloat, distemper, canine parvovirus, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, parasites, mites, heartworm, and immunizations.

Video Newsroom: Health Topics

Our veterinarians strive to provide the very best in outside resources to help all pet owners keep up with the very latest in health news and information for their pets. Topics include: pain management, battling canine cancer, needs of senior pet, and controlling high blood pressure in dogs. Check this link regularly for updates.

Video Newsroom: Technology & Science

Lake Forest Animal Clinic also keeps up to date with the very latest in technological and scientific innovations in order to provide the very best in pet medical care. Learn more about stem cell therapy, laser surgery, and veterinary acupuncture. Check this link often to see the latest in veterinary medical technology and scientific advances.

Featured Articles

Your veterinarian in Lake Forest also provides articles that offer insights into pet wellness and the best veterinary services for your pet’s health needs. Some of our past articles have included advice about diet and nutrition, how to create a pet friendly yard, insights about anesthesia, how to avoid pet pests and parasites, and much more.

Contact Our Lake Forest Animal Clinic Veterinarians So We Can Answer Your Questions!

Be aware that in some cases, immediate action is the best decision when your pet is ill. Don't delay pet wellness and health care as you surf the web seeking answers online. Acute pain, respiratory distress, vomiting or diarrhea, extreme lethargy, or other emergency scenarios may require immediate medical attention to ensure your pet’s ongoing health and well being.

When in doubt, contact Lake Forest Animal Clinic directly to find out the best course of action for your pet health issue. Our veterinarians offer a full range of diverse veterinary services that can have your four legged family member on the mend in no time. You and your pet’s needs are always our first priority.

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